Nagios monitoring AMI

Nagios XI provides monitoring of all mission-critical infrastructure components including applications, services, operating systems, network protocols, systems metrics, and network infrastructure. Hundreds of third-party addons provide for monitoring of virtually all in-house and external applications, services, and systems.


some of the most outstanding features of Nagios are:

  • Comprehensive Monitoring
  • Reporting
  • Multi-Tenant Capabilities
  • Extendable Architecture
  • Stable, Reliable, and Respected Platform
  • Customizable Code

Nagios AMI support

The use of our Nagios AMIs includes their support in relation to:

  • AMI installation
  • Initial setup
  • Additional AMI related settings (e.g. letsencrypt support)
  • Nagios configuration aspects that may be related to the AMI
  • Nagios basic general support
  • Support for AMI updates and migrations

In any case, if you have any questions, you can always contact us for and we will be happy to help you.

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Last modified June 1, 2020