Zabbix monitoring AMI

Zabbix is an enterprise-class open source distributed monitoring solution, based on client-server or client-gateway-server model, and distributed as Open Source code. It allows to monitor network and servers health, and send notifications alerts on problem based events.

Commercial support is available and provided by Zabbix Company.

Please read the “Zabbix and Zabbix AMI Release Policy” section carefully


some of the most outstanding features of Zabbix are:

  • SNMP (both trapping and polling), IPMI, JMX, VMware monitoring and custom checks
  • Server/proxy/agent and Server/agent models
  • Flexible threshold definitions
  • Real-time graphing
  • Easy configuration
  • Use of templates
  • Network discovery
  • Full API
  • Permissions system
  • Full featured and easily extensible agent

Zabbix and Zabbix AMI Release Policy

In order to guarantee the stability and reliability of the software, Zabbix offers a support program for its different versions, which includes several versions of it.

You can see all the information related to this policy on the Zabbix Life Cycle & Release Policy page

In order to guarantee the security of our different AMIs, the latest versions in use of Zabbix (both LTS and standard) will be offered and, once that version were no longer stable, your AMI will be maintained for the maximum possible time to help people to migrate to a newer version.

Zabbix AMI support

The use of our Zabbix AMIs includes their support in relation to:

  • AMI installation
  • Initial setup
  • Additional AMI related settings (e.g. letsencrypt support)
  • Zabbix configuration aspects that may be related to the AMI
  • SNS submissions and your CloudFormation stack
  • Zabbix basic general support
  • Support for AMI updates and migrations

In any case, if you have any questions, you can always contact us for and we will be happy to help you.

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Last modified June 14, 2020